About Us

At the service of customers since 1958: Fratelli D’Acunzi s.r.l.


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Our History

The three brothers were merchants of all kinds of food and also owned a small shop in the village, left to them by their parents, Pasquale and Raffaella (known by all as Faiolla). The processing took place throughout the year, as all kinds of food products were marketed and stored, from vegetables to fruit. From the very first years of our life, our spearhead was the transformation of the typical San Marzano tomato.

In addition to the typical tin containers, other sustainable containers such as glass are also used, such as to allow a direct view of the internal product without defects. In addition to small containers for domestic use, larger formats are also used for Ho.re.ca channels such as: restaurants, pizzerias, canteens and catering. Our strengths are the consolidated relationship with suppliers, company employees and customers. Our staff is always trained controlled, protected and motivated, in order to create a dynamic and competitive work environment.